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Blame Climate Change

6 Jan

There was a lovely news special this morning.  Reporters ran to grill children about how much they liked the snow, adults were interrogated about the whereabouts of their abandoned cars,  snow puns were made with unrelenting frequency, while helicopters filmed the picture postcard scenes in British villages. You know, the important stuff. Continue reading


Poor Steven Gately

11 Oct


Man I really liked Steven Gately. He was always my favourite one out of Boyzone. Especially in “no matter what” which for some reason I know all the words to…Really is a pity he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Continue reading

Playboy and some clever Marge-ting

10 Oct


So Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize! I guess it makes up for Chicago him  not being awarded the Olympics?  I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that just maybe the whole Obama thing has gone too far now…

What I really want to talk about though is one of the better marketing ideas I’ve seen for a while. Today Playboy unleashed (I think that would be the best term) a new cover featuring none other than that stalwart of US matriarchs – Marge Simpson. Continue reading