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30 Jan

SO I have not written publicly on this blog for a while. This is partly because I have been travelling, thus writing the sort of abject, flowery, self-appreciating scribbles that people tend to come back from their travels with. It’s also because I started work. After six months of rotating around functions that were by all accounts fine and probably quite well suited to me, I finally got my wish and snagged a job working in digital for that well known digital powerhouse – L’Oreal.

I’m pretty glad that finally I have a productive outlet for my interest in all things digital. It should be a good challenge working for a company that has not yet really ventured into the digital sphere. Speaking of which I came across another company that has finally dipped it’s feet into digital waters – Aston Martin.

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Another reason for getting an iPhone

9 Nov

They’re really piling up now…just waiting for Orange to release it so I can get rid of my Crackberry

Affiliated Mixtape Addicts and Me

19 Oct

So today I went ahead and got Ubertwitter so I could get/send Tweets on my phone.  I do like Twitter don’t get me wrong but something about it is quite stalker-ish. You can just follow anyone and the number of people following stalking celebrities  is quite a worrying indicator.

Anyway today Twitter went down for about a minute…

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Playboy and some clever Marge-ting

10 Oct


So Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize! I guess it makes up for Chicago him  not being awarded the Olympics?  I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that just maybe the whole Obama thing has gone too far now…

What I really want to talk about though is one of the better marketing ideas I’ve seen for a while. Today Playboy unleashed (I think that would be the best term) a new cover featuring none other than that stalwart of US matriarchs – Marge Simpson. Continue reading