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Blame Climate Change

6 Jan

There was a lovely news special this morning.  Reporters ran to grill children about how much they liked the snow, adults were interrogated about the whereabouts of their abandoned cars,  snow puns were made with unrelenting frequency, while helicopters filmed the picture postcard scenes in British villages. You know, the important stuff. Continue reading


Probably the best campaign video ever

11 Nov

It might be pretty early in the morning but I think this actually might work! This is a new campaign ad from Andy McKenna, a Republican candidate for Illinois governor.

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I really hope Nick Griffin gets pelted with something…

22 Oct

I honestly couldn’t believe it when I found out about Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time a few months ago.     My initial reaction was that there is no way this fascist  should be given the chance to speak  to the British public en masse.

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