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30 Jan

SO I have not written publicly on this blog for a while. This is partly because I have been travelling, thus writing the sort of abject, flowery, self-appreciating scribbles that people tend to come back from their travels with. It’s also because I started work. After six months of rotating around functions that were by all accounts fine and probably quite well suited to me, I finally got my wish and snagged a job working in digital for that well known digital powerhouse – L’Oreal.

I’m pretty glad that finally I have a productive outlet for my interest in all things digital. It should be a good challenge working for a company that has not yet really ventured into the digital sphere. Speaking of which I came across another company that has finally dipped it’s feet into digital waters – Aston Martin.

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…And shockingly enough it was a TV

16 Nov

To take something so cool and then strap on  “arm chair viewing: redefined” as the concept is really almost sickeningly cheesy. But then cheesy sometimes works.

I think the only redeeming aspect of this commercial is that it makes space travel seem ridiculously achievable in a “balloon boy” sort of way.

If the world was ending tomorrow I’d give it a shot.


13 Nov

Make a catchy tune, have the world sing along, throw in Optimus Prime and a tornado and you have a commercial that is going to make an impression. The “world is just awesome” campaign for the Discovery Channel is an infectious, optimistic, visually engaging piece of communication, preaching a message of curiosity and togetherness. However, this is only part of the idea.  Continue reading

Probably the best campaign video ever

11 Nov

It might be pretty early in the morning but I think this actually might work! This is a new campaign ad from Andy McKenna, a Republican candidate for Illinois governor.

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Imagine the impact of doing this with the Metro

7 Nov

McDonald’s really seems to be hitting the spot at the moment. mcdonalds-burrito

The idea here is that when you roll up your newspaper, which you will do at some point, paper transforms into a McDonald’s breakfast burrito! I’d be really impressed if they managed to pull off the same trick for a sausage and egg McMuffin.

We need this in Croydon

3 Nov

Something that has always bugged me is waiting. I am a little impatient but that’s not what annoys me. It’s the sitting around and not doing anything at all that gets me!

How does it feel

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The English Premier League?

17 Oct

Actually could be the Kop…

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