30 Jan

SO I have not written publicly on this blog for a while. This is partly because I have been travelling, thus writing the sort of abject, flowery, self-appreciating scribbles that people tend to come back from their travels with. It’s also because I started work. After six months of rotating around functions that were by all accounts fine and probably quite well suited to me, I finally got my wish and snagged a job working in digital for that well known digital powerhouse – L’Oreal.

I’m pretty glad that finally I have a productive outlet for my interest in all things digital. It should be a good challenge working for a company that has not yet really ventured into the digital sphere. Speaking of which I came across another company that has finally dipped it’s feet into digital waters – Aston Martin.

Aston has decided to draw on it’s Bond heritage to create an immersive, social, alternative reality-esque film. There is an accompanying micro-site and a “code” which if solved, gives you the chance to win prizes from luxury brands like Ozwald Boateng and Bang & Olufsen. Sounds good.

Several problems. I guess whoever made this looked at BMW’s short films and thought that was a good idea. However this lacks any of BMW’s stylistic execution, lacks any real insight (how many people on FB/Twitter would be encouraged to buy an Aston because of social media?) and if it was just a branding exercise why make a (terrible) bond-lite, when if really required they could probably put Daniel Craig in a “rapide” and let him drive around Monte Carlo a bit.

The comments on YouTube tend to agree with me, which for the brand is hugely damaging. Even worse there are basic errors like non-working links. The fact that there is a code of sorts should mean you go back and watch again and again. Technically this is a good idea only let down by sloppy execution. For me this is super frustrating. This is exactly the sort of campaigns brands should be looking to develop. When done well they create a buzz, make brands cool on many levels and encourage others to innovate and take risks. When done badly you get ignored by the masses, slaughtered by social media types and the result is less cool campaigns and more of this.


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