Blame Climate Change

6 Jan

There was a lovely news special this morning.  Reporters ran to grill children about how much they liked the snow, adults were interrogated about the whereabouts of their abandoned cars,  snow puns were made with unrelenting frequency, while helicopters filmed the picture postcard scenes in British villages. You know, the important stuff.

It’s nice to have a break and forget everything while the snow amazes and distracts us. The cold weather gives us an excuse to eat more before burning it off with a good snowball fight.  I don’t want to sound like Scrooge or whatever the equivalent is, but I thought there was an economic crisis right now? While the rest of the world is slowly getting back on track, the UK seems pretty happy to let a bit of snow cover up the problems.

According to The Times, the snow has cost the country £1 billion in 48 hours.  Now I’m pretty sure it snows in other countries.  Canada probably gets a bit,  yet businesses and schools seem to get on with it. Admittedly there is a lot of snow falling today, but there is no more than you’d get in Scandinavia and their public transport system does not shut down at the first sight of a snowflake.

Sure they are used to it, but this pretty much happens every year, so wouldn’t a sensible person prepare for this every year? Well yes obviously, but then I would have nothing to complain about, the media would have nothing to report and climate change doubters would not be able to say stupid things!

Snow falling does not disprove climate change. What is happening right now is called weather,  it changes a lot, which for some reason seems to have confused people in the UK who have grown accustomed to something more predictable.


I have to say it’s pretty shameful on the part of the Labour MP’s trying to leave Gordon Brown out in the cold at a time like this…


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