Its Friday and I want a Pizza

27 Nov

Better get on the old iPhone then.

Great looks, nice branding, good intuitive use of the iPhone’s accelerometer and makes ordering fun and visually exciting. I think I would have to order some wings just looking at them. The games a bit gimmicky but hey, I’d still probably play it.

This app shows some really deep audience insight. iPhone = young people. Ok so maybe that’s not so deep. But something I’ve noticed (especially at university) is that people will do almost anything to get out of calling up and placing the order, especially when it’s for a group. This app destroys the issue. I’d prefer to speak to someone personally, but I’m definitely in the minority there.

Probably more importantly, it establishes Pizza Hut as a more convenient brand.  In a market place full of much faster food or more sophisticated food, Pizza Hut sits somewhere in the middle.  This move towards convenience is a great step. It’s already generated $1million of sales in the US…

They really ought to get it out in the UK asap.


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