Am I on a bandwagon?

27 Nov

I thought most people had accepted climate change as a fact. Turns out we really have not. So its great that recently there has been a massive surge in green messages in advertising. Even for products you wouldn’t necessarily associate with being environmental.

The new massive Guinness “Bring it to Life” campaign is a great example.

Take a product with pretty much nothing green about it (except maybe its Irish heritage) and make a campaign that casts it as an almost God like creator of all things that are good and green. The advert has come in for some stick but when you have to replace something as iconic as “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait” that is always going to happen.

To me it seems like a starting point for a new direction and a focus on togetherness which is becoming more and more common amongst brand messages. Concepts and words like “natural” are becoming interlinked with terms like “sustainable” and are drawing attention to the environment, climate change and the like. I think this is great, especially as this is an issue that really has lost a lot of the media spotlight due to the financial crisis.

The issue has been set back a few years because of this and even attitudes on climate change have changed in that time. MP’s on Question Time yesterday claimed they were still not sure about global warming and that people who had decided either way were on a bandwagon- which is not only quite ignorant, but a dangerously irresponsible attitude to have and to broadcast.

It’s great that brands and agencies are looking to take the initiative to really lead on this and not wait around for governments to make their mind up. Even multinationals and the great evil oil industry (shell in particular) have actually shown a huge amount of concern. Albeit maybe for the cameras. But at least the public are environmentally aware even and I can see the ball beginning to really drop now.

As the decade comes to an end, I think we are being given slightly more cause to be optimistic and I’m personally very excited to see how advertising uses its influence to inspire change in society.


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