13 Nov

Make a catchy tune, have the world sing along, throw in Optimus Prime and a tornado and you have a commercial that is going to make an impression. The “world is just awesome” campaign for the Discovery Channel is an infectious, optimistic, visually engaging piece of communication, preaching a message of curiosity and togetherness. However, this is only part of the idea. 

This commercial looks to target a younger audience, inspiring young people to seek out virals and share the advert across social networks. The campaign grows by inviting the curious and motivated to use the “boom-de-yada” soundtrack and “create your own.” The results speak for themselves with millions of viral views, hundreds of personal entries and the original concept transcending boundaries resulting in parodies, spontaneous outbursts on the subway and even a Halo version.

Unlike many integrated ideas, which direct the audience to a predetermined point, this campaign gives full responsibility and creative license to the audience to shape the direction of the campaign. This fosters collaboration, unconventional thinking and the original work that has made the campaign such a success.

The beauty is that all of this relates back, reinforces and promotes the original message organically


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