Probably the best campaign video ever

11 Nov

It might be pretty early in the morning but I think this actually might work! This is a new campaign ad from Andy McKenna, a Republican candidate for Illinois governor.

He’s running against someone called “Blagojevich” who is famous for having a very distinctive hairstyle wig. The running concept is that the hair is evil and has been the mark of disgraced Illinois politicians. Apparently every politician in Illinois has the hairstyle afflitction.  The kid at the end must be the most corrupt to have that kind of hair at his age.

But seriously this is really a smart way to reach the audience. What Mr McKenna has managed to do here is produce a campaign advert that people would actually watch that doesn’t involve Obama! The first 30 seconds lower your guard against the political message that follows in the second half.  There’s no inspiring rhetoric.  He just distances himself from the hair and everything associated with it.

We are famously superficial about our politicians and I’m not saying that voters will choose a candidate based on hair, but they will certainly look at Blagojevich a little differently. It might even distract attention away from what he has to say and reduce the impact of his campaigns. It will be interesting to see how effective this is.

However,Andy Mckenna might be taking it a bit too fair with the hair gags.  He’s apparently also on record for criticizing Illinois’ “hair-brained” financial schemes

I think I’d still vote for him

Extra Treat…

The six minute version


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