We need this in Croydon

3 Nov

Something that has always bugged me is waiting. I am a little impatient but that’s not what annoys me. It’s the sitting around and not doing anything at all that gets me!

How does it feel

I’ve found this mainly happens with buses, trains and the like. Unless you plan ahead and charge your Ipod/have your book ready you are basically a lemon for 10 minutes. Surely there is something that can be put around these places to engage us a little? Give us some entertainment other than the ridiculous  music from a chav’s loudspeaker?

On the tube there are long, readable adverts everywhere . At bus stops it’s generally a big friendly picture. Guess advertisers have little faith in bus user’s literacy skills.

Recently though I have started to see bus shelters being used in some cool ways. Not in real life of course, but anyway this is the best one yet.

Shower curtain

It’s cool, retro and relevant but then of course  it is Italian. To be fair it might actually be quite scary at night but at least it’s something interesting and thought provoking.  I mean, it’s made me realise that maybe Italy has a “Kinfe” crime problem. Whatever that is.

But it can’t be that bad. If that curtain was anywhere in London it would be gone in minutes…


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