This is it

29 Oct

People think Michael Jackson invented the moonwalk. He didn’t. But he has actually patented a dance move. The anti-gravity lean from Smooth Criminal. That’s pretty much the coolest thing I’ve heard since I found out the longest word you can spell using only letters on one line of a keyboard is TYPEWRITER.

I know.

Anyway I saw This Is It.

I really expected to come out and say something uninspired like “That was it?”  Maybe that’s why I enjoyed it in the end. The footage is not all that amazing. Kenny Ortega is around far too much. And Michael does look tired and thin. But you get the idea that the concerts might have lived up to the hype. There was 3d stuff, some great set pieces, an Avril Lavigne look-alike, a bulldozer… Nothing WOW but still really really good.

Having never seen Michael Jackson perform live I was really surprised at how good he was. I know it sounds is silly, but when you hear singers live they never sound as good.  Michael sounded like any record he’s  ever put out. And boy, he could still move.

To be fair there is a lot in this film that will get parodied. He does some silly stuff and says some silly things. But for once it actually came across as childlike and playful to me. Almost so innocent that when he accidentally touches a dancers boob you actually think that he maybe he doesn’t realise the significance.

True he seemed a like a Prima Donna, but after a while you begin to see that he is just particular. Not a diva. He seemed to actually care about the little details. As if he wanted it to be perfect. Obviously the film has been edited to maybe portray him in good light, but I’d like to think that maybe he did care about the sort of show he was putting on.

I don’t think I felt any emotions of sadness watching the film.  If anything it was quite  inspiring to see that this guy who has been through a lot of whatever  getting up there and performing well. After watching Robbie and Whitney on the X-Factor making much worse attempts at  far easier performances, it does make you respect MJ a hell of a lot.

At the end of each song and at the end of the film everyone clapped, cheered, Hee-Hee’d and  Shamow’d.  There was genuinely a nice atmosphere. Think I may have been smiling as I left…

I’m Getting Soft.

p.s. I probably would still be smiling if I hadn’t read Albert Campus’  “The Outsider” on the train home. Has to be the bleakest and most depressing piece of writing ever. But read it, the vividness of the everyday is just unbelievably good.


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