I really hope Nick Griffin gets pelted with something…

22 Oct

I honestly couldn’t believe it when I found out about Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time a few months ago.     My initial reaction was that there is no way this fascist  should be given the chance to speak  to the British public en masse.

But then you have to reel it in a bit on accounts of free speech/free expression and all that. I remember I was bit annoyed when the Danes censored their cartoon strips which featured Muhammad…

Well the time has come for the big event. Shockingly enough we have a multicultural panel. Oh and Jack Straw who isn’t home secretary anymore so…

Ok I don’t really wish bad things on Nick Griffin. I just hope that he makes an idiot of himself and his ideology and does not try and get applause by talking about non-contentious issues or quips about “Our boys in Iraq.”

This whole thing  really made me question this whole idea of free speech. Now obviously  it is objective.  We all know people are offended over a host of things and there really is no way to say one thing is ok and another is not.

Realistically we can’t all sit down and agree.  It is also probably too much to think that we are capable of seeing things from other peoples point of view. So things like this will keep happening. What it comes down to and how we react is a matter of majority and severity of shock.

I guess my reaction is an indictment of the majority and Griffins views are obviously severe. We say we want free speech, just as long as it doesn’t offend us. To be honest, I think that is fine. It’s just scary that Griffin’s views have gained enough support for this to actually happen…

One positive thing to have emerged from all this is the brilliant and fully customisable Nick Griffin Drinking Game which promises to get you well and truly lamposted.

And yes a picture from The Star…but it is really funny and very apt. I don’t think a chappati is the way forward mind you. A vindaloo, a few naans all washed down with a good pint…

I wish.


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