Affiliated Mixtape Addicts and Me

19 Oct

So today I went ahead and got Ubertwitter so I could get/send Tweets on my phone.  I do like Twitter don’t get me wrong but something about it is quite stalker-ish. You can just follow anyone and the number of people following stalking celebrities  is quite a worrying indicator.

Anyway today Twitter went down for about a minute…

There was mass panic. Then mass relief. Anyway more importantly I Discovered something quite interesting scary today.  I found with Ubertwitter I could actually pinpoint people’s location to a  ridiculous degree. I could also scour the area for anyone else on Twitter. So I guess I was the stalker? But I’ll claim I was just curious…

Coming from Croydon (well, Thornton Heath) I didn’t really expect to find anyone else on Twitter. Boy was I wrong.There are loads of people. At about a 5mile radius I can sort of see different groups emerging.

Mixtape Crew

These guys are shamelessly promoting something. In most cases it is a mixtape or the fact that they’re putting beats out there. The things is some of these guys are really good at doing this! I’m not talking about making music because there’s so many I couldn’t possibly listen to all of it. I’m talking about their use of Twitter. This dude today managed to cram in 6 trends into one post.  Really impressive and some decent marketing skills! If you don’t know what a trend on twitter is check this out.

Also this is hilarious


Some people are on Twitter first thing in the morning, updating every 5minutes and then eventually get to bed. That can’t be that healthy but then again if you are sitting around doing nothing all day I guess Twitter is tempting…Today I saw a tweet that said “Argh Iphones broken, had to find a computer, might have to talk to real people eek!”  Not the best advert for Twitter’s “social” credentials.

Affiliate Marketing

These guys are everywhere, have thousands of followers and tell me that I can make a hundred dollars a second by using Twitter! Might actually look into this a bit more before I cast judgement but for some reason think I’m probably right to be a little sceptical…

People like me…

I signed up to Twitter to share interesting stuff I find because I think sometimes maybe I find something worth sharing. I try to follow other people that have tweeted something I’m interested in and not celebrities telling me what they ate for breakfast. Theres nothing wrong with that, it’s just not me. Think I may have to start following Steven Fry though. He is a legend. Oh and Rainner Wilson (sp). But as someone I know said today, “as much as I like new media, there is just no substitute for being out there!”

So True.


Before I go have to mention the best use of Twitter I’ve seen yet – comes from Richie Hawtin. He’s got an app called Twitter DJ that updates his twitter as he DJ’s so at the end of the night you can find THAT TUUUUUUUUNE!!! Any DJ can get it and really should.


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