Twitter Power

16 Oct

Today something amazing happened. Social media actually did something! Twitter Power

In case you missed it the Daily Mail had a pretty ugly article in it courtesy of Jan Moir. It was all about how Steven Gately probably died in some sort of drug and alcohol fuelled homosexual orgy. I guess she picked the wrong day and the wrong person to pick on (and IMHO she definitely did) because the next minute the King of the internet got riled up on twitter.

Before you know it we have hashes everywhere, the winner emerging as #dailymailisgay…

Cue loads of average jokes; think along the lines of “daily male” but the twittering took off to such an extent that this happened. Now I hate the Daily Mail even though I sometimes glance at the sports section because my mum tends to buy it on a Saturday but anyway I am pretty surprised they caved so quickly

Maybe even more surprised that someone at the Daily Mail knows what Twitter is!



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