Open days are fun

15 Oct

Gap year!  Looking forward to this year (or few months) a lot.  Have some good aims and ideas of what I have want to do. Just need things to fall into place. First things first- sort out a job for next year.

I want to go into advertising. Not been a quick and easy decision but I’ve realised that

1. It is what I am interested and have a passion for

2. It will get me up on a Monday, or on a hangover

3.  I would be working with nice, bright people 🙂

Today I went down to AMV BBDO.  A cool agency probably most famous for their work with Guinness, but they have made many other awesome adverts

We had an open day which was really informal (even though a lot of people were wearing suits) and really scary at the same time. The application forms for advertising are obviously beasty as anyone will know and it just seems like you have to absolutely nail it to get an interview. I am working on it…

While I don’t particularly think that my education should be my biggest selling point it was  a bit disappointing to hear that it’s really not important at all. Neither is experience really. It really is pretty much what I thought it would be – how much they like you! Probably should start the charm offensive pretty soon then…

On an unrelated note,  I am really looking forward to Modern Family which is about to start on Sky 1 – haven’t laughed at a trailer for a TV show for ages but it got me.

Strange that.


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